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Emergency Procedures

Jerry has been designated as my 'next of kin' to be notified in case of an accident or emergency that would take me away from my house for an extended period of time. Sarah will be the secondary person to be notified. Jerry has my Power of Attorney to act for me in any manner in which I would normally act. Jerry also has my Power of Attorney for Health Care, to make all decisions concerning my care if I am unable to function or make those decisions on my own. Jerry also has a copy of my Advance Directive To Physicians which states that I do NOT want any life prolonging procedures made in case of a terminal condition concerning me.

For the most part, the main procedures will be the financial requirements for maintaining my house and services. Most of my bills are paid on the internet. The companies notify me by e-mail when paying a bill is due. A few companies still send paper bills. They will be paid by check and mailed back. For both instances, my check book is located in the upper right drawer of my desk. As my Attorney in Fact, as well as being a co-owner of my bank accounts, Jerry can sign his name to my checks. Beneath his signature, can be written: "atty in fact", but not really needed. All the companies that send bills are listed on an attachment, with my user name and password for each company. The receipts for my Visa card use are in the wooden box on the shelf to the right of the desk beneath the printer. These receipts should be checked against the Visa bill when it arrives.

The mail can be checked when needed. The keys are on a key chain in a glass bowl on the counter to the right of the sink in my kitchen. My mailbox is box 15.

As to maintaining my house. The heating/air conditioning can be turned off. All the venetian blinds should be closed. The hot water heater should be placed on the 'vacation' setting. My car may be driven occasionally (or often!) to protect the fluids, tubing, etc.

Any questions that arise later can be answered when and then.