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Incidental Information

Family Doctor - - - Dr. Armand Masongsong ....... 661-259-9800 ....... 21700 W Golden Triangle Rd. Suite 105, Santa Clarita, 91350. Located at the far west end of the little street across from the bowling alley and across the railroad tracks. The doctor has admitting rights at Henry Mayo Hosp. If an emergency involves me, he should be notified.

Dentist - - - Dr. Steven C. Arima ...... 661-222-9393 ...... 27450 Tourney Rd., Suite 230, Valencia 91355.

Skeletal information for identification as needed: Both of my collar bones (clavicals) are broken. There are several screws in my left knee area.


I also have a checking and savings account at USAA, the company where I have my car insurance. The pass book is located in the upper right drawer of my desk behind my other passbooks. My car insurance is paid on the internet using the checking account there at USAA. Notification of payment is by an e-mail. It is not paid every month. The payment required is shown on the USAA website page when notification is received. ................. I also have a special savings account (SSA) set up as a member of USAA. Information on it is attached. Amounts are added by USAA periodically and distributions are made periodically. When closing the account at USAA, the balance in the SAA account will be sent to me. The balances of the checking and savings accounts will also be sent. These may be deposited in our account at the Bank of America.