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Jerry ---------- Since you are the executor of my estate, there are a lot of responsibilities and procedures that you will have to accept and accomplish. The first being the notification of Forest Lawn, Glendale, as to where they will pick up my body for transportation to their mortuary. You can phone them at 1-800-204-3131. Since you are not exactly my 'next of kin', just inform them that you are the executor of my estate and have my Power of Attorney. Tell them that you have all the necessary paper work to back this up and you will bring it all in when you make the final arrangements. Also inform them that I have on file with them my 'Fore Thought', or 'before need' contract. All the instructions for my burial are explicitly listed there. -- A copy of these instructions is attached. -- Be sure to tell them that I do NOT desire to be embalmed. Within a few days after that, you will have to make an appointment to go there, at Forest Lawn, Glendale, and talk with a counselor to firm up the burial plans. At that time, you will see my file concerning what my wishes are for my burial. Inform them that I have a 'trust deed' on file with them that will cover the expenses of the burial. I do not want any sort of ceremony at the garden. I would like to have you there with anyone you want to be with you. But it is only for being there to watch the interment.

Since you are a co-owner of my bank account and house, there will be no inheritance tax to worry about there. Anyway, there is no inheritance tax in California. The Federal inheritance tax only applies with an estate of over $1,000,000. If you want to claim a profit from selling my car, then that would have to be listed on your income tax form. A profit from the sale of the house would have to be listed on your income tax form unless using it to pay on the mortgage for your house could be used as a deduction.

My accounts with all the companies that send bills for services have to be cancelled. There are files for all of them in my filing cabinet. You can find contact telephone numbers there. It might be hard to locate some of them, but they are there somewhere. Get a change of address form from the post office and change my address to yours in Lancaster, or just have my mail forwarded to you there, whichever you care to do, so you will have easy access to any mail I might receive. A final Federal and State Income Tax filing will have to be made for me. It should be easy to do since my finances are not too involved. Copies of all the latest forms I have filed are in the filing cabinet for your reference.

Disposing of all of my accumulations is at your discretion. Any and all of the paper work that has been stored in various locations can be disposed of, probably in the recycle bin. None of it need be shredded. You may keep what you want or give it to others who may want any of it. The same with all the furniture, etc. Keep what you want, give anything to those who want something, give it to Goodwill, or dispose of it in any way you desire.

The Persian rug in the front room is very valuable. It was hand tied in Kerman, Iran. There are about 90 knots per square inch. The Certificate of Authenticity is in my filing cabinet under 'R'. It will continue to increase in value over the years.

There is a safe in the garage that contains a few papers, etc, that my family thought needed to be kept secure. It is located to the right, just as you leave thru the kitchen door into the garage. I have left the safe door unlocked. To open, just pull on the handle. The combination to the safe is on a card in the small upper drawer in the safe. This is in case you want to use the safe, or would be needed if sold.

If anything else occurs that I have not mentioned, use your discretion to handle it.