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This survey is designed to elicit responses from discerning internet viewers who daily retrieve and study many of the websites available around the world on the internet.

All responses that pertain to an individual's personal information are designed to have no cumulative effect that could identify any one particular individual.

Please respond to each item with one or several choices, as indicated by the item's statement.

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Please enter the requested information
in the appropriate space.

Home Country
Gender (Sex)
Average number of
hours spent daily
on the internet
Type of website
you enjoy viewing
the most
Do you have
a website
of your own?

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Please choose the one response
that most nearly reflects
your own opinion
for the following items

To what extent does access
to the internet affect
your daily outlook on life?



    Hardly any

    Waste of time

Do colors,
or any combination of colors,
that you observe in websites
affect your mental stability?


    Of course not

    Undetermined. I'm color blind

When viewing websites,
are you affected by
the time-span it takes
for some pages to fully load?

    Not in the least

    I get a headache while waiting

    1 minute.  And I'm outta here

    No problem. I'm Hi-Speed Cable equipped

How much time do you waste
trying to determine what the reason is
for some websites to even
be ON the internet?

    None.  I'm hip

    Depends on what  I'm ON

    Depends on what the OWNER
         was on

    I don't really care

    Some of the above

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Please respond to the following items
either positively or negatively.

(space for comments will be available
at the end of this survey)

Do you favor the idea
of stamping out, deleting, and eradicating
superfluous redundancy?

YES       NO   

Does the name 'Pavlov' ring a bell?

YES       NO   

Do you agree that Santa's elves
are a bunch of subordinate clauses?

YES       NO   

Are you afraid of Virginia Wolfe?

YES       NO   

Does it take you 1 hour and 25 minutes
to watch the T.V. show "60 Minutes"?

YES       NO   

Do you know that 5 out of 4
people have trouble with fractions?

YES       NO   

Do you favor the idea
of stamping out, deleting, and eradicating
superfluous redundancy?

YES       NO   

Say Again?

YES       NO   

If unemployed, would you stop looking
for work when you finally got a job?

YES       NO   

Please enter any comments that were
engendered by this survey.

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The germ of the idea for this
survey came from Christl.
Thank you.